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Leonardo’s Private/Corporate helicopters at Monaco Yacht Show 2023

Leonardo’s Private/Corporate helicopters at Monaco Yacht Show 2023

With a global fleet of more than 900 helicopters carrying out a range of passenger missions, including private transport, corporate transport, charter, scheduled services and VIP/government transport, and a stable 45% share in the VIP multi engine market over the last ten yearsLeonardo is the global leader in this sector.

In addition, Leonardo’s lead in this market is attributable to its successful positioning in the sector of yacht applications. For example, the number of intermediate twin-engine AW139 helicopters in the VIP configuration, which have been sold in the last 18 months, are setting a new record and 25% will also be used for heli-deck operations (both touch-and-go and deck-handling). Most of the 70 metre yachts feature helipads, especially the explorer-type yachts, and the long-range helicopter access is an operational requirement to which Leonardo helicopter models, fully equipped for heliport operations, are able to perfectly answer. With its extensive experience of heli-deck operations, Leonardo provides its exclusive, bespoke expertise to yacht and super yacht owners, by setting new standards in comfort, safety, and performance. The company has the largest and most contemporary models and capability range ahead of any other manufacturer, meeting and even exceeding the most stringent certification and safety standards with a range of advanced technologies for navigation, mission, safety, and cabin experience.

In late 2021 Leonardo launched the Agusta brand to reinforce its leading position in the world’s VIP/corporate helicopter market. Agusta is the brand that embodies the company’s distinctive design, technology and service philosophy and values in the executive transport rotorcraft market. Leveraging the heritage of an iconic name embedded in the helicopter industry community and a symbol of commitment to stay at the forefront of innovation, Agusta is a unique combination of best in class performance, comfort, and refined Italian style. 

The Agusta brand has been extensively presented during major business aviation events in Europe, Latin and North America and will be also showcased at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show.

Under the Agusta brand there are exclusive options and services dedicated to VIP/corporate helicopter operators, whch include for example the Interior Moods layouts, a new integrated maintenance service plan, and a dedicated Agusta section in the Leonardo Customer Portal.

  • The Interior Moods consist of three brand new options, all inspired by iconic cities. These layouts feature stylish and specific colours, materials, seat configurations and on-board options. They are designed to allow customers to select and create a perfect environment, mirroring their own distinctive desires, while meeting their own needs. From the sense of warmth, harmony and pureness of “Florence,” to the juxtaposition of “London” with its traditional and innovative style, to the energy and passion shown by the cosmopolitan “New York.”
  • The Agusta for YOU helicopter service plan, developed specifically to meet the needs of corporate rotorcraft operators, is intended to increase aircraft availability and reduce inventory costs, while optimizing expenses by covering both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of airframe/avionics components and other items.
  • On the Leonardo Helicopters Customer Portal, VIP operators will have an area where they can check-in on the progress and status of their aircraft’s manufacturing and testing, with images in real-time. Overall, these advancements are aimed at delivering clear answers to meet exclusive requirements, making ownership and the operation of a Agusta helicopters a true 360-degree experience from day one.

At the Port Hercules’ international superyacht exhibition Leonardo will also exhibit at its booth an AW109 GrandNew light twin engine helicopter in VIP configuration. 

The GrandNew, the iconic VIP helicopter for leisure and the enjoyment of life, is the perfect fit for helicopter transport duties in the market of yacht support vessels, thanks to a number of factors such as top class speed and sleek design, compact size, and footprint.

Since the arrival of the popular and iconic A109 50 years ago, ‘speed and elegance’ have been clear examples of recurring words from operators to define a helicopter and an experience.

The GrandNew, as well as all the other Leonardo VIP/Corporate helicopters, can be customised with specific kits for the yacht operation. Floats are typically part of the kit package offered, supported by shipboard instructions for deck operations, including a full spectrum of helicopter characteristics, interfaces, additional services, and operating conditions. The helicopters can be lashed to the flight deck and configuration of the tie-down points can be provided; optional mooring points are also suitable to secure our helicopter types onto ship decks. A complete description of the on-board maintenance tasks can be provided in support of the yachting management companies and the assets owner.

To discover more on Agusta’s exclusive options and services dedicated to VIP/corporate helicopter operators, visit the Leonardo stand n. QA12 - Quai Antoine 1er,Port Hercule - Montecarlo, Principality of Monaco at 2023 Monaco Yacht Show.